Founder & CEO Lisa Fields-Linnen has worked with children for over thirty-four years, from coaching to mentoring and giving them a safe place to grow. She has put a strong emphasis on implementing and providing programs for the youth through sports and other enrichment programs.

Mrs.Fields- Linnen’s love for children began in 1988 when she worked as a childcare worker for an agency supervising hard-to-place boys ages 13-21 years old. The child has been an integral part of her existence, and she strives to be an essential part of their growth and development. Lisa’s tireless efforts and commitment to meeting her goals of providing, developing, and implementing programs for the youth will become the forefront of her mission.

Mrs. Fields-Linnen has and continues to impact the lives of individuals through her dedication and eagerness to help young people. Her desire and dream are to reach, guide, and touch every youth life she encounters. Because of the many lives she has impacted, she would like to extend her passion to all. Now taking on the challenge of workforce opportunities will help her reach out to older adults who require self-esteem, job readiness, and resources.


Our mission is to provide support services that produce physically, mentally, socially, and academically healthy youth and young adults. Our holistic and culturally responsive approach increases their capacity to become happy, well-rounded, engaged, civic-minded successful lifelong learners.


We provide an array of services, including, but not limited to, an After-School Program, a Saturday Program, and a Summer Camp for youth ages 5-12. These programs provide youth development and educational services through homework help, tutoring, computer technology, STEM education, music, sports, and a violence prevention program. We also have a Young Adult Program for young adults (16-24) interested in getting back into school or the workforce and Teen Parents Program (21 and younger) to provide support services related to guidance, housing instability, health services, career development, and childcare services. Beyond that, we offer services to senior citizens (55 and older) looking for work.