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Hands That Make A Difference (HTMAD) was founded in 2011 and the organization works hard and smart toward meeting our young people and older adults in this ever-changing world. HTMAD assists low-income adults with job readiness, referral services and other support services that make young and old feel a part of society.


Lisa Fields-Linnen, Founder and CEO

lisa fields linnen

Lisa Fields-Linnen for over twenty-three years has worked with children from coaching to mentoring and giving them a safe place to grow. Today, she has put a strong emphasis on implementing and providing programs for the youth through sports and other programs.

Mrs. Linnen love for children began back in 1988 when she worked as a Child Care Worker for an agency supervising hard-to-place boys ages 13-21 years old. Lisa’s tireless efforts and commitment to meeting her goals of providing, developing, and implementing programs for the youth will become the forefront of her mission. The youth have been an integral part of her existence and she strives to be an integral part of their growth and development.

Mrs. Linnen has and continues to make an impact on the lives of individuals, through her dedication and eagerness to help young people. Her desire and dream are to reach, guide and touch every youth life she encounters. Because of the many lives she has impacted, she would like to extend her passion to all.  Now taking on the challenge of workforce opportunities will help her reach out to older adults who are in need of self-esteem, job readiness, and resources. Hands That Make a Difference works diligently to serve individuals ages 6 - 70.


Our goal is to provide a safe haven for vulnerable, and at-risk youth ages 6-21 years old in a nurturing environment,  and provide older adults over age 50 find their way back into the workplace.  We will provide and develop the skills needed, and continue to enhance our nonprofit corporation's resources so that our programs will positively impact their lives.

The most important aspect of our program will be to help build character and self-esteem, so our participants will make an impact on society.

The goal of our organization is to help.  Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by volunteering?


Board of Directors

William Adams


Maurice Johnson


Nanette Elmore


Helen Clarke


Erwin Canady


Darlene Lewis


Emerald Greene


Deloris Johnson