Youth services

Youth services location 

After School Program

263 West 153rd Street 
New York, NY 10039

Summer Camp 

127 West 127th Street Room 207
New York, NY 10027

Saturday Program

127 West 127th Street Room 207
New York, NY 10027


Drop-In Center

Program Requirements

The Drop-In Center will serve homeless youth ages 12-20 years old.

Regarding the Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center is a safe haven where young people can begin to form positive and meaningful relationships with caring and nurturing adults and access essential

resources to be self-sufficient adults.
The primary goal of the program is to get homeless youth into safe, alternative, and permanent housing.


Services that will be provided at the Drop-In Center will include your basic necessities such as personal care items, clothing, food, use of computers, and personal emails. The following support services that will be provided at the Drop-In Center will be housing referrals, individual and group counseling, as well as HIV testing and education.  These services that will be provided will address a variety of homeless youth needs.







Additional Services


Below are additional services that the Drop-In Center will offer in addition to providing the basic necessities for homeless youth.
The Drop-In Center
offers a variety of other
 services that are designed to help youth 
be in control of their lives

 while shaping their lives positively.


Health Education – Each weekly group focused on substance abuse, violence, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Independent Living Skills Training – focus on workshops dealing with housing services, job readiness, and counseling as well as job placement.


Individual Counseling – Provided on an ongoing basis as the youth are encouraged to seek services for any mental health issues when appropriate.

Youth Groups – Group sessions will be offered weekly on various topics such as parenting skills, women and men groups as well as education on sexuality.


Medical Services-  Free access to medical services will be provided to the youth.

ADULTS over 50 can learn computer skills, interview techniques, gardening, learn, and shadow from experts in the field of engineering/architecture, music and will have to be ready for job search referrals.

HANDS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE, INC. was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.

We provide services to seniors, teens, young adults as well as the over 50 population. All of our participants, from age 6 to age 70 have unique needs and services...We spend each week working on different programs to fit their needs.  

Whether engage our homeless youth in acquiring temporary or permanent housing, or helping a teen get to his or her college, or working diligently to provide job readiness and other programs older adults need to fit into the workplace or learn the latest technology, to having our young men and women get out of gangs or troubling circumstances, to help low-income parents with after school assistance, Hands That Make a Difference has the will and way to meet any challenge.

As we look around at the many obstacles that young people are dealt with: gangs, drugs, and peer pressure, now high unemployment rate, and single-parent households. In the eyes of all, our kids need more than our help. Our helping hands are what they need. The young people are destined for greatness as well as eager to learn. And through 
Hands That Make A Difference each one of their dreams is possible, we will help them focus by providing the resources that they will need to grow and develop as they take this journey through life.

Each day, every one of us will be the dedicated staff and volunteers that will work diligently to help all of our applicants from 6 to 70 build a solid foundation that will be the key to their success. With each smile on their faces, that will be the motivation to continue to work even harder. As it is said, "It takes a village to raise a child." But when the child becomes an adult they need the village to sustain them.  


At Hands That Make A Difference, we look forward to being that village.

We will offer the following services:

  • School Visits

  • Mentoring

  • Tutoring

  • Community Service Events (parents asked to actively participate)

  • Character Building

  • Positive Youth Development Program

  • Job Corps Information

  • Teach Self Respect & Self Control

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Medical Screenings for our seniors

  • Job Readiness for those seeking to re-enter the work world after retirement

  • Field Trips

  • Resource Materials

  • Computer Technology

  • Gang Prevention

  • Gun Violence Prevention Program

  • Housing Help