Adults 50 and over have had to reinvent themselves in the workplace. Some have been unemployed for such a long time that they have forgotten what it feels like to get up in the morning, prepare and get ready for the hustle and rushing to and from work


Living in New York City has become extremely expensive and many adults have not been able to compete with younger, computer savvy, social media active individuals.  While we welcome the knowledge most older adults bring to Hands That Make A Difference, we still find it challenging for them to adapt. We have decided to partner with experts in various fields of computer technology, health, horticulture, architecture, as well as receive advice which will help our applicants.


Our Job readiness program will instruct adults 50 and older on job readiness skills. If you would like to participate as an instructor or become a member, feel free to email us at info@handsthatmakeadifference. We will welcome 10 applicants per trimester beginning on October 1.


Thanks to the generous consulting services of Mike Cetera, Architect (ACE MENTOR) Kathy Walker-Pinckney(OWEN DOLAN computer resource center) and Helen Clarke (Harris Garden) we will be able to provide our older adults 50 and older the unique opportunity to join the work, the world again or for the first time and learn a new trade.